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Many of us proudly proclaim to possess a growth mindset, yet often find ourselves hindered by self-limiting beliefs that prevent us from fully realizing our potential. To truly embrace our ’emerging future,’ it’s imperative to evaluate our growth mindset with keen introspection.




Consider this: the person we converse with most each day is ourselves. How we speak to ourselves matters greatly. Take a moment to assess whether your inner dialogue leans towards positivity or negativity when evaluating your performance and interactions with others. Do you extend more kindness to others than you do to yourself?




Delve deeper into your mindset by examining your complaints. Are you frequently bogged down by trivial and inconsequential matters like technological glitches or waiting in lines? If so, you may be squandering precious creative energy on issues beyond your control.

Redirect your focus towards matters of urgency and importance by shedding light on trivial grievances. By doing so, you free up valuable creative energy to tackle pressing issues and pursue meaningful goals. Set achievable milestones to propel yourself forward, ensuring progress towards your desired outcomes.
Upon completion of these initial reflections, be aware of the enemies of your growth mindset and their attendant henchmen.


Know that your enemies are

highly assertive and unhelpful.

When you let these enemies and their attendant henchmen enter the scene, they significantly impair your ability to make good decisions and embrace your ‘emerging future.’ 


Voice of Self (Ego):

Your Ego is your built-in interpretation organ. It functions to develop explanations for your actions in the context of explanation.  The Voice of Self represents the internal dialogue influenced by one’s self-image, identity, and personal desires. It tends to prioritize self-interest and validation over understanding and empathy in listening interactions. Ego impacts growth mindset when it uses habits to reconfirm old opinions and beliefs.


Henchman: Self Serving Bias. Individuals influenced by the Voice of Self prioritize their own perspectives and needs while discounting or minimizing the viewpoints of others. They interpret information in a way that aligns with self-driven motivations and desires.


Voice of Judgment:

The Voice of Judgment involves forming critical evaluations or assessments of others’ ideas, opinions, or experiences. It often manifests as a tendency to prematurely evaluate or dismiss information without fully considering its merit.


Henchman: Confirmation Bias. Individuals influenced by the Voice of Judgment seek out information and interpret data in a way that confirms their existing beliefs or preconceived notions, while disregarding or discounting evidence that contradicts their judgments.


Voice of Cynicism:
The Voice of Cynicism manifests as skepticism, distrust, or pessimism towards others’ intentions or messages. It hinders open-mindedness and receptivity to new ideas, leading to a cynical or dismissive attitude.


Henchman: Negativity Bias. Individuals influenced by the Voice of Cynicism disproportionately focus on negative information or experiences, leading to a biased perception that reinforces distrust or skepticism towards others.


Voice of Fear:
The Voice of Fear involves protecting what I have – regardless of value. It stems from a fear of change, mistake or failure, leading individuals to avoid engaging fully in opportunities based on perceived threats.


Henchman: Anchoring Bias. Individuals influenced by the Voice of Fear fixate on initial impressions or perceptions formed out of anxiety or insecurity, leading to a reluctance to adjust viewpoints, consider alternative perspectives and vanquishing of potential growth.


By acknowledging and overcoming these obstacles individuals foster a mindset of openness, empathy, and effectiveness in their communication and interpersonal relationships.


Conquering your enemies is crucial for unlocking your ’emerging future’. Failure to defeat your enemies results in having your ’emerging future’ imposed upon you, rather than shaping it with intention and clarity.


KBD Consulting’s Adaptive Leadership, and You are a Hero on a Journey – Career Mentoring and Business Startup programs incorporate these and many other concepts to guide teams and individuals in the creation of their ’emerging future’.


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