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You have made the decision to shape your Emerging Future, but don’t know how to apply your talent and energy to start your new journey in the most productive way.

You’ve reached a point where you’ve determined the only way to get what you’re worth is to stand out.  You are ready to exert emotional labor, to be seen as indispensable, and produce interactions that people really care about.

You are done sharing with everyone your resume and all your accomplishments. You are now inimitably curious about your customer’s journey, and you regard every customer as a “Hero on a Journey.”  You know that all heroes are confronted with challenges, and you provide Art Products and Services to defeat their challenges.

Transitioning from Corporate life to Solopreneur Art Creator is Difficult.

Introspection is necessary before you launch your endeavor.  Ikigai – your “Reason for Being” is where all solopreneurs must start.  This is followed by gaining a solid understanding of your current brand – empowering you to create your solopreneur brand.

Why is it difficult?

Shaping your brand is challenging because of anchoring bias – the world knows you as a corporate leader – not as a guide that solves customer problems.  You need to build a brand in a way that helps people perceive your impact differently.

Creating your personal value proposition is constructed with your innate personality, values, behaviors, knowledge, skills, and experience. These elements of who you are will enable you to shape your solopreneur brand.

You are no longer working – you are creating art!

As a solopreneur you need to transition your mindset from “Working” to “Creating Art”.  When you wake up – ask yourself – What art am I creating today?

4 Marketing Keys

When you don’t know what to do, always focus on marketing.

  1. Awareness – It is who knows you. Do people know you exist?
  2. Understanding – Do people know what art (products and services) you create?
  3. Relevance – It is the circumstances the make you relevant.
  4. Distinction – How are you distinct in the marketplace?

3 Sales Keys

I’ve never sold before! Being a salesperson feels awkward.  I can’t believe I’m asking for money! Be confident in knowing that sharing your products and services guides your customers/heroes to overcome their challenges.  Being your hero’s guide is noble and they will appreciate how you propel their journey.

  1. Urgency – I need your art products and services now!
  2. Trust – I believe you will deliver your art products and services.
  3. ResourcesYou can bring your art products and services to bear.

Know that all 7 keys must be turned in successive order.  Miss a step and you are not likely to land your proposal.

Each stairstep in the Ignite – Business Startup Framework is supported by good systems and processes because we know that good inputs lead to great results.

With our Ignite – Business Startup Framework Mentoring Program and Plan, you’ll chart the course for your emerging future, propelling your solopreneur journey to new heights!

Contact us today for a 30-minute discussion about your Emerging Future!

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