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Are you attracted to accidents? Do you stop and stare?

You will appreciate this mashup of Eisenhower’s Matrix, augmented by Seth Godin’s – Linchpin, Daniel Pink’s – Drive, and C. Otto Scharmer’s – Theory U.

Each provides guidance we desperately need – examining how we spend our diminishing resource – time – to accelerate personal growth and serve the people and organizations we care for deeply.

Eisenhower – how to characterize and discern the time we spend on various tasks – all which seem urgent + important, until we discover that – most tasks – are not.

Godin – there is an Artist in all of us.  The Linchpin restlessly wakes up to produce Art – not work.   Art happens in the interstitial space of the Eisenhower Matrix.  Don’t let the Eisenhower matrix diminish your Art and the gifts you can provide.

Pink’s Drive opens us – to recognize we are producing Art – when we experience Autonomy, Mastery and Purpose.

Scharmer’s – Emerging Future – we all have one. It will happen.  If you want to shape it, live in the interstitial space of the matrix:

(Art + AMP) (Urgent + Important)

(Art + AMP) (Not Urgent + Important)

Create Your Emerging Future by living above Deception + Waste.

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Live in interstitial space!

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