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In a world bombarded with articles promising longer life through various tactics, it’s essential to discern valuable insights from the magical ones. stands out as a source of credible information, emphasizing the importance of free advice and tactics for extending your health span over the snake oil promises.

What if there’s another free way to enhance your life, a method that not only adds years to what you experience in your life span but also enriches your understanding and impact?

Reflect for a moment on the average lifespan in 1900—45 years. Today, it’s 78, a 58% increase, allowing us to absorb 58% more knowledge than someone born 124 years ago. Combine life span with the exponential growth of knowledge and the reduced cost of acquiring it and you have the opportunity to add years of understanding to your time on earth.

Buckminster Fuller, in his 1981 book “Critical Path,” introduced the concept that human knowledge doubled every 100 years until 1900, and the pace has since accelerated dramatically. In 2017, IBM predicted that, with the internet of things, knowledge would double every 12 hours. Here’s where Chat GPT plays a transformative role—wisely used, it offers instantaneous access to knowledge, solutions, and execution.

In the 1997 movie – Good Will Hunting, Will shares: “You wasted $150,000 on an education you coulda got for $1.50 in late fees at the public library.” No wonder college admissions were down 4.7% (662,000) in 2022 (US News). The value of the college degree is diminishing for many reasons, the disequilibrium we are experiencing is – what higher education is selling and promising, doesn’t match the market rate for the same knowledge from life, your local library, Coursera, EdX, YouTube, and Chat GPT.

The key lies in capturing the inherent joy and energy derived from learning. Everyone is constantly learning, whether binge-watching Netflix, scrolling through social media, or self-identifying as an Offensive Coordinator for an NFL team. The common thread? The dopamine hit we experience when acquiring new information and applying it to our challenges.

To channel this innate need effectively, consider a learning, ideation, and innovation framework:

  1. Opportunities to Learn: Identify and capture current learning behaviors.
  2. Focus on Learning: Evaluate the usefulness of what you’re learning.
  3. Absorption: Explore how you capture and internalize new knowledge.
  4. Community of Interest: Build a learning tribe to share insights and experiences.
  5. Having Fun with Learning: Integrate learning into enjoyable activities.
  6. Results: Monitor the benefits and outcomes of your learning journey.
  7. Leads to a Fulfilling Life: Connect your learning endeavors to a life of fulfillment.

The vast knowledge landscape, coupled with the affordability of acquiring it, presents an opportunity to double your life span. By channeling your energy into acquiring knowledge that is beneficial for you, your family, and your community, you unlock the potential for a truly fulfilling life.

Module 6 – Innovation – Capturing Ideas and Execution of our Adaptive Leadership: Concepts to Real World Practice Leadership development program incorporates this learning, ideation and innovation model. Contact me today, if you would like to learn more about building a culture of Ordinary People, Getting the Right Stuff Done.

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