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What do you think when you read this statement? Is your organization feeling put upon by the new realities of increased employee choice and bargaining power? Is your organization telling stories about how great the company’s culture is and how former employees made rash choices? Have you diagnosed the root causes or the symptoms?

I recommend changing the narrative to “the Great Reflection”. Opening your organization up to information about “why” employees are making interesting choices is the first step to discovering solutions. Knowing that many of your current employees are thinking actively about their situation, are you engaging in dialog?

Dialogic Organizational Development developed by Gervase Bush and Robert Marshak, authors of ‘Dialogic Organization Development: The Theory and Practice of Transformational Change is regarded as the leading resource for Dialogic OD.

Moreover, spend effort and time thinking about how your organization is going to recruit and select employees that terminated their last employer. It is important to be deliberate about your conversations with potential employees and understand the social contract you are making with your new hire. Lastly, I encourage you to be sensible about promises the organization makes about your company’s culture as your new employees will reflect on those promises.

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