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Breaking away from corporate HR has brought to light why many HR shops struggle. No plan of attack. My reflection over my corporate career is limited to the six roles I’ve held, the conversations I’ve had with HR leaders networking and training and now my 18 months of independently connecting with business leaders. It seems to be endemic.

I wonder why this is as my HR colleagues and smart, driven and well meaning. What ails the HR function? No plan of attack.

Yes, there are lots of plans. Most suffer from following the pack and not customizing best practices to solve the organization’s people challenges and problems.

How do you know if the function doesn’t have a plan of attack? It is characterized by:

  • No clear reason why HR exists.
  • No sustainable HR solutions.
  • Outdated Talent Programs and HR processes.
  • Archaic skill sets and an inflexible organizational structure.
  • Lack of alignment with the organization’s strategy.
  • Lack of confidence in HR – to get things done!

Culture defined in my practice is: Ordinary people getting the right stuff done. It is important for an organization to openly discuss what they want HR to focus on. How does it perform in the nine (9) HR domains of Recruitment, Hiring, On Boarding, Performance and Feedback, Learning and Development, Diversity Equity and Inclusion, Compensation and Benefits, Support of People Leaders, and Employee Relations? What time, resources and results are your organization experiencing in each domain?

By addressing the issue of a missing plan of attack and investing in HR’s strategic alignment, organizations can empower their HR departments to be true enablers of success, fostering a culture of ordinary people achieving extraordinary results. The journey to transform the HR function into a strategic partner is a collaborative one, where organizations and HR leaders work hand in hand to unlock the full potential of their workforce and drive lasting positive change within the organization.

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